Everything To Know About Sports


There are some activities that lead towards an active lifestyle, named as sport activities. A healthy lifestyle requires superfoods and sports can contribute more than that. Any sport activity requires a lot of physical effort and not only that, every different sport has its own code of conduct and rules and regulations which must be followed while playing it. With the first Olympic games in 776 BC, the Ancient Greeks introduced formal sports to the world, this event included activities like wrestling, jumping, javelin throw etc.

Moreover, today we are all familiar to the activities we come across in this sphere, because all of our elementary schooling starts with sport activities and ends with it. There is introduction of physical education in the education system which clearly shows the importance and relevance of these activities today, it develops the physical competence of the students and teach them the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, making them flexible, developing sportsmanship spirit etc. Some also take it up as a career option after that and represent its region, state, nation.

There are numerous numbers of sports and each one of it has its own origin, way of playing, rules, benefits. They are classified into Air sports, Athletics, Ball sports, Board sports, Gymnastics, Ice sports, Cycle sports, Indoor sports, Mind sports, Motor sports, Water sports etc. And accordingly, we can name some of the sports, like, Acrobatics, Archery, Swimming, Basketball, Bowling, Cricket, Hockey, Golf, Handball, Horse Racing, Ice Skating, Judo, Karate, Kick boxing, Paragliding, Power Lifting, Rafting, Rugby, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, Wrestling, Tug of War etc.


Sport culture worldwide

With worldwide development, people are evolving and the sport culture is growing. This now became an important part of our society and country which involves everyone as there are not only people who are playing but also people who are watching and supporting. This basically defines a society in today’s world. There are various team sports that show how one can organize things and team up and how it reflects the cultural and social background of a person. A good and healthy sports culture reflects a nation’s growth and progress towards a healthy population as a whole. Importance of sports has been recognized worldwide, by every nation and the people within. India has Cricket as its most popular sport and Kho Kho as its traditional sport.