Mad speed

EsteQ mitigates DDoS attacks up to 1000 Gbps. Small town with 100.000 habitats could consume just up to 10-30Gbps of the Internet. The largest DDoS attack EsteQ got this year was 230Gbps.

Smart DDoS protection

Protection is totally transparent for legal users. There are no captcha or other boring things before a user will get the content. But bots, parsers are blocking with a dozen of checking algorithms.

Flexible pricing

EsteQ provide extremely low pricing due to our business model. It’s kind of insurance – you should use DDoS protection every time without huge invoices.

minutes to get protection
Active clients
Largest detected attack, Gbps
Specialists in the team

EsteQ’s more features

Benefits from maximum availability, the best performance, and professional customer service. Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.


We use privacy and non-disclosure principle as main philosophy of our company. Your data is safe like in the safe.

Easy setup

Unlike other DDoS mitigation companies, EsteQ lets you use proxy DDoS protection, DDoS protected hosting, VPS or protected dedicated servers.

Real-time monitoring

NOC team do monitoring routine 24/7. Your website will always under supervision like a lovely child in the world full of dangers. You will get reports about DDoS attacks and free consultations according to each case

Technical expertise

EsteQ provides full-stack service to keep your web-environment fast, reliable and safe.

24/7 service

To be honest it is not just the support service. EsteQ’s team will be your best friends. You know, that geek friend who know all these nerd things about cyber security. You could always ask for extra help and you will get it!!

Bots control

EsteQ protects your website against viruses, hackers, search engine blacklists through botnet monitoring. But good bots will not have any issues.

Remote protection

  • up to 1000Gbps protection
  • 3 minutes setup
  • 24/7 support
  • Free trial
  • Free tuning for your project

Protected hosting

  • up to 1000Gbps protection
  • Unlimited space
  • 24/7 full support
  • Free managed service
  • Protected DNS hosting

DDoS protected VPS

  • up to 1000Gbps protection
  • Free instant setup
  • Free migration
  • Free managed service
  • 100+ configurations

DDoS protected servers

  • up to 1000Gbps protection
  • Free instant setup
  • Free migration
  • Free managed service
  • 100+ configurations

What our Clients Say

Very flexible technical partner. We have received very sophisticated attacks on various vector and EsteQ protect against all of them.- Marius Parescius, International Security Cluster
We are using EsteQ almost two years and I could recommend this service for stable work and guaranteed uptime.-