Comparing Marijuana and Hemp: What Are the Most Important Differences?

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Hemp and marijuana are two examples of the many plants about which people are confused. Though visually identical, they are in fact distinct. In this article, we will comparing hemp vs marijuana two plants.

Visual aspect:

Although they may appear to be interchangeable at first look, hemp and marijuana actually have several important distinctions. The stems and leaves of hemp plants are narrow and tall. Their foliage is most densely distributed at the plant’s crown. A marijuana plant, in contrast, would be taller, bushier, and more densely packed with branches and leaves. In addition, its coloration and fullness are typically more brilliant.


The cultivation of hemp and marijuana differs. Textiles, paper, and even food can be made from hemp. The plants are spaced far apart in the open fields where it is produced outdoors. It is the intoxicating properties of marijuana that lead to its cultivation. To maximize its THC concentration, it is typically cultivated indoors in a controlled environment.

Cannabinoid Level:

Hemp and marijuana differ greatly in terms of their THC concentration. One of the main ingredients in marijuana that causes people to feel “high” is THC. Usually less than 0.3% THC is present in hemp. Whereas, THC levels in marijuana can vary from 5% to 30% or even higher, strain to strain.

Cannabidiol Levels:

Despite the widespread focus on THC, hemp and marijuana also contain CBD, an essential cannabinoid. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is thought to have several medicinal uses and is non-psychoactive. Oils, tinctures, and lotions containing cannabidiol (CBD) are increasingly popular, and hemp is a common ingredient because it typically contains more CBD than marijuana.

Usages Commonly:

The two plants, hemp and marijuana, have distinct functions. Many different things are made from hemp, such as clothes, rope, paper, and biofuels. Hempcrete and other building materials are also finding more and more uses for it. While most people use marijuana for its intoxicating effects, it does have some medicinal purposes as well, most notably for pain and nausea.

In conclusion, comparing hemp vs marijuana they are two separate plants with different applications and characteristics, despite their superficial similarities. While marijuana is grown for its psychotropic effects and can contain high levels of THC, hemp is mainly farmed for industrial purposes and contains much less of this compound.