Moon Astrology as a Way to Become More Aware

Scorpio Moon

The Moon in Vedic Astrology

Pursuing the Moon Waxing and waning through the many signs of the zodiac is a sophisticated technique to become more conscious of your own ongoing change in the emotional landscape and how your emotional outlook is influencing how you perceive situations. The Moon, which moves the fastest of all the planets that we can see in astrology, is renowned for being unpredictable. There is a change in how we subtly feel and respond from that instinctual level every two and a half days. The Moon is a symbol for our emotional filter and how we view the world. One of the most crucial aspects of an astrological reading is how the Scorpio Moon Woman is placed in your unique chart. 

The Full Moon and the New Moon

Due to the Sun and Moon’s conjunction in the New Moon and opposition in the Full Moon, respectively, these two phases represent highly exceptional climax points of power in the dance between the sexes.

Even though the Moon is not a planet in the literal sense, her continual fluctuation and fluidity never failed to capture our attention. One way of understanding time in its historical progression was through her steady passage across the night sky. Our ancient predecessors were aware of and paid attention to the relationship between the ocean’s tides and the productive cycles of agricultural planting and harvesting. A further empirical fact is that there is an inherent relationship between our emotional makeup and how well we sleep, as demonstrated by the fact that during full moons there are more calls for the police, violent crimes, and civil disturbances than usual, as well as more accidents and drunk driving.

The New Moon

Scorpio Moon

The New Moon is more subdued in character. This Moon does not reflect any light when it touches the Sun. Our eyes cannot see the New Moon. For a little moment, the self-perception and self-awareness vanish along with the light of consciousness. As the Sun, the center of our universe, represents the highest awareness and the source of life for all people on our planet, this moment represents a fresh start and a new beginning into the next orbit of the Moon around it.

The promise of atonement and a fresh start is what gives the New Moon its appeal. It’s the time of the month I utilize for some introspective reflection on where I am in life and where I want to go. Now is a fantastic time to consider what matters most to me and where I should focus my efforts. The objectives I set for myself can develop and ripen when the moon reaches its full splendor.